Sunday, June 11, 2017

short story slam week 70, 69

short story slam week 70, Football players and fathers day cheers 


On Humor, friendship, and siblinghood between /among
Paisley Grovjaxiquzkerr Rodhamucrowfawnt, the piglet 
and her older brother
 Frank Snowflakes Shengbutow , the pooh bear,
in adition to 
Emily  Marysethjodi Dickinson, the Bunny,
and Amelia WilliamBurns Sanders, the Tigger,
hello, let us watch, listen, and hear what a budding child can do and say when she and he 
are set on Disney world, and get pushed to know Amelia Island, Abbey Wood apartments,
samrufz Hillford  poetry, and Samson PLaza near New York Times Square....
Image result for piglet, tiger, bunny, gopher from winnie the pooh    

Image result for piglet, tiger, bunny, gopher from winnie the pooh  

hopping, singing,
Rabbit and Kanger stayed close
running, crying,
Piglet and Pooh remained joyful

when the day steams up the swaet
we go into a shade of Aron woods
looking at sea of waters
dreaming, dancing off the Time Square
wildness, Laura Ingalls,
Mary Wilder, Carrie Wilder, and Charles Wilder,
they remind us of lovely Fiddle strings
Nashville Jim Buffeett Sing-Alongs
pink and stripes
yelloe and cloud-tail bunny
brown and blue ribbon roo
red and lovely rubber band ducks