Tuesday, May 9, 2017

short story slam week 67, weekly prompts on writing

Treeline [Friday My Town Shoot Out]  

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Wordle 297 


 mostly, I am peaceful and sleep well
last night,
a figure bites
from nowhere, or somewhere

woven story splashes burning desires
yellow and indigo daffodils calendar branch of your first day of college
running hands mingle with ropes of clock-toc-dou wisdom
red jays twitter in new york times poetry account

spiral chips sum up to a life long list of board
logwood, redwood, lacewood, woodpecker, and jemawood
all trees fall
some twigs lay still under brown wind

a starhome
a sourberry
a stawpeony
a crankojohnpeony

100 days pushed away
sunrise and sunsets
days of memory piles in India ocean
Shuhua milk nurtures Denver writers and Pullman cooks

the day is heavy with tears
flooded roads refuses to let our car move
Jewel Yams are brought home for snack purpose
Adams County welcomes Trump-Pence-Bush-Obama ties


Image result for twigs

Whirligig 109  

THIS WEEK'S WORDS come from "Some nights you're blessed" by Rosie King: mingle, woven, rope, daughter, splash, burning, daffodils, calendar, jays, branch, yours, first