Wednesday, July 27, 2016

My Memory Art, Monday Mellow Yellow, and Short Story Slam Week 49

Black & White Wednesdays ~ This Kid 

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 Image result for black and white male child
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short story slam week 49, July 21---August 7, 2016, Silver Swan poetic stories of romance and mystery

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Image result for yellow swan   

small child, big father,
they do grow friendship with one another

white jeans
green shirt, they match

black and white cloth, pale and long hair,
the swan child dances in pink rosy wear

this kid comes without amibition
this kid grows up without consideration

this kid could be a boy,
this kid could be a girl

this kid is a father, or grandfather,
this kid is a mother or grandmother

this kid is a princess from paris
this kid is a prince from london

this kid could be kater middleton
this kid could be mackenzie tuttle preston

this kid has passion in swan fashion
this kid writes romance with deep confession

this kid is you
this kid is me

signs, sewing needs

sewing needs



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