Sunday, April 24, 2016

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Black & White Wednesday ~ Afternoon Shadows 

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Shadowy cholla

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Whirligig 56 

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A Fabulous Inquiry On Nutrition, Fitbit Melody, and Free Verse At Hyde Park Poetry Palace Via Thursday Poets Rally (Week 83), Apr 1-may 2, 2016

Mark Twink,
Shell Creek  and Drum-wright Fuel

Black and White Wednesday by Adrianne,
Sunday's Whirligig by Nikos Kazantzakis

Piercing and startling nightingales
Wise Owls perches neat aging wood logs

knocking at the door to Saint Louis Art Museum,
a burst of ascending waves tickles my nose

Salt and Oil,
Cooking and Cooling, they provide ups and downs 

Flesh in between,
Good Housekeeping magazine shows case wine cups and grapes of Green

You, well derserving
You, making stunning decisions for all young promising students

Grinning among Quartz Mountain,
we tip toe near San Francisco, Saint Louis, Boston, Berkeley, Hanover, and New York

Stephen, Winchester, Charlestown, Honolulu, Hobart, Lone Wolf,
Edgewood, Brooklyn, Montgomery, Clayton, Forsyth, Young, Bezos, Google

The family of You, Wrighton, Zuo, Leftover, Riverside, Jiangxi, Shenyang,, Yosimite,
fun talents risen from Beijing University, a math fabulous

Wu, Washington University,
Wu, Wrighton Universal and Remarkable Obama

Eulalia Wrighton, Julia Wrighton, Jame Wrighton all assure Jiangsheng You clans,
Elisha Wrighton, Thomas Wrighton, Patrice Wrighton, they adore William Henry Danforth

 Florida State University, California Institute of Technology,
  William Greenleaf Eliot, Craig D. Schnuck, George Washington

In 1995, Stephen left MIT to become chancellor of Washington University in St. Louis. The new position required him to give up an active research career.[10]

Mark is among the highest paid university heads in US, making $738,000,  in 2007.
Wrighton was mentioned as a Harvard University's presidency for his brightonintelligence

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Administration/Staff from Ossm, 2015 and 2016 graduates


Frank Y. H. Wang, Ph.D., President
Xifan Liu, Ph.D., Vice President for Academic Services
Lynn Morgan, B.B.A., Vice President for Administrative Services
Carol Bennett, Ed.S., Residence Hall Supervisor
Terry Berryman, M.S., Academic Counselor
Cynthia Brown, M.Ed., College Counselor
Pam Felactu, M.A., Director of Development
Shannon Gorbet, C.P.A., Controller
Rebecca Morris, M.S., Director of Admissions
Chris Shrock, Ph.D., Dean of Students
Lori A. Webster, B.S., Director of Public Information

Brandi Blue, Executive Assistant
Sena Brothers, Reception
Debra Cook, Administrative Assistant
Keith Forshee, Maintenance
Susan Greenwood, Administrative Assistant
Nathaniel Hensley, Dorm Reception
Larry King, Computer Technician
Greg Madden, Maintenance
Al Shelton, Maintenance
Shelby Wesnidge, Dorm Reception 
Ethan Wood, Dorm Reception 

parents news letter and announcement

  • April 2, 2016   
    The Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics
    Senior Good News
    Smiley Faces!
    The inaugural OSSM DormCorps
    are (first row) Mary Thevatheril (Yukon/Mustang), Laura
    Taylor (Duncan), Akshaya Santhanaraj (Okla. City/Deer
    Creek), Shandel Chang (Okla. City/CSAS), (second row)
    Tom Wu (Stillwater), Arachelle Brewer (Seminole/Pryor),
    Tuzo Mwarumba (S
    tillwater), Annie Davis (Hitchcock/
    Oklahoma Connections Academy), Griffin Daniels (Fort
    Gibson), Laci Cartmell (Chandler/Agra), Ann Andrews
    (Yukon/Piedmont) and Josh Hill (Hennessey) who surround
    the bronze statue of Albert Einstein.
    The newly formed OSSM DormCorps recently put a lot of
    muscle into helping juniors move in
    the dormitory. Twelve
    seniors first expressed interest in serving as student lead-
    ers last spring. Impressed with their goodwill, Residence
    Life faculty began exploring ways that they might help by
    functioning as student guides to assist juniors in navigat-
    ing the school’s challenging academic community. The
    outgrowth of this endeavor is a corps of volunteers, work-
    ing in tandem with Residence Life faculty and staff. The
    DormCorps will continue to disseminate information, an-
    swer questions, plan floor meetings and extend helping
    “hands” to juniors throughout the year. In addition to their
    many qualifications, they also tend to smile a lot!
    Yaseen Shurbaji (Ardmore/Plainview) has founded Project
    A+ Tutoring, a free program for students in the 4th through
    12th grades. During the summer, he organized 11 tutors
    including classmate Vy Dinh (Ardmore/Plainview), to pro-
    vide instruction at the Ardmore Library. Yaseen was cited
    by the library’s director as giving back to his community
    in an impactful way. He has approached other students at
    OSSM who are interested in beginning a summer tutoring
    program in their hometowns.
    OSSM DormCorps Here To Help
    Hint: Known as Lady’s Finger!
    Juniors Maggie
    Zhang (Tulsa/Jenks) and Mansi Gattani (Broken Arrow/
    Jenks) have been recruited by senior Mary Kate
    Higginbotham (Hugo/Broken Bow) to continue to nurture
    the school’s vegetable garden started last spring by some
    students. Mary Kate reports that the okra plants grew well
    as evidenced above.
    The first day of
    school, students
    and faculty met
    in the gym for
    “ice breaker”
    fun activities.
    Youngest and
    oldest students
    gather in a circle
    during an event.
    This is the first
    OSSM Parents Weekly
    for the academic
    year. Parents, please share good news about students by
    contacting All submissions are ap-
    preciated and considered. -
    Lori Webster, Editor

poetry rally week 83, carpe diem haiku, abc wednesday

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M is for MORTON Salt

Morton Salt,
A penny for a good thought

How to define research purpose?
we believe that when one does research, one feels the science magic in a fresh rose

Morton Salt,
An equation for applied math now and then, Dale Alspach

Morton Salt, 
A sweet nod from William Jaco, Burns Hargis, and Sam Walton

Morton Salt,
a past treat rising from Evanston John Evans, and Owen Schapiro

Morton Salt,
a reminder of us to go smart, promote Peter Salovery, Jerry Bona

Morton Salt,
everyone needs it for nutrition month, Igor Kukavica, Edriss Titi, Jian Cao

Morton Salt,
we don't regret that France Cordova, DEborah Lockhart, Michael Steuerwalt

indeed have superb common sense in nomination, physical shaping,
Wellness, Traveling, speaking, speeches, papers, talks

we praise the hardwork from  Richard O. Buckius, James A. Abrahamson, 
 Fae L. Korsmo, James E. Hamos, Vernon D. Ross, Jose Muñoz, Kathryn R. Rison

a haiku:

not much patience
to see the details, I decide to
let my eyes go blind

too many eye contacts
I feel shy and i wish to hide
my thoughts in a folder

Carpe Diem Extra April 4th 2016 new promptlist 

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A Fabulous Inquiry On Nutrition, Fitbit Melody, and Free Verse At Hyde Park Poetry Palace Via Thursday Poets Rally (Week 83), apr 1-may 2, 2016