Thursday, January 28, 2016

three word wednesday, short stroy slam week 37

3WW Week No. 464  pathetic, radical, seamless

David Boren is bored today,
He intends to shift away to Norway

Mieer Chan feels the urge to cry
instead, He decides to eat some French Fry

Jay, Penny, Tom has fun with Mark Hoplamazian,
Kevin, Eddie, Audie, Noel, and Karla walk ten miles to Norfolk Norman

William Center South has lots of parking space,
Bok center hosts Bank Oklahoma and News Six in 2nd Street

Pathetic travelers drive to Nam Hai Market for Carp fish,
Le, Crystal, Elena, Samantha, Martha, John, Marieke refuse to appear selfish

Hannah, Diana, Harry, Camile, and Samba adds fuel at Quirktrip,
Radical thoughts hit their seamless mind 

no signs says everything
no words can describe music language on behalf of Nathan

  Sign-less Wednesday  

Black & White Wednesday ~ Branches
 Image result for comfort inn glenpool
 Image result for comfort inn glenpool
Medieval house 


short story slam week 37: January 21, to February 7, 2016, safari tent adventures

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Spontaneous [Friday My Town Shoot Out Link-Up]

Friday, January 15, 2016

short stroy slam week 36, about Chairman Zetung Mao or Mao Zedong

A rainstorm sweeps down on this northern land,
White breakers leap to the sky.
No fishing boats off Chinwangtao
Are seen on the boundless ocean.
Where are they gone?
Nearly two thousand years ago
Wielding his whip, the Emperor Wu of Wei
Rode eastward to Chiehshih; his poem survives.
Today the autumn wind still sighs,
But the world has changed!