Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Cimarron Current News Around the Logan County: See what you might not like

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 Image result for outdoor comfort
outdoor comfort... 

children seek toys
adults look for joyce
indoor pool gives us a choice
outdoor picnic offers us potluck
when we refuse to accept abuse
we drive all over the place to obtain grace
that's how we find cimarron current news,
which include Bonnie Calvert, Brad Pollard, and Dan Newton
night hung low near woodlands,
cheery blooms in tree bough under snowfall,
mary and todd walk inside the moon gate,
thinking of Boomer-A-Rang pancakes.
Spring dances in the air again,
soon we see budding peach trees in red and pink,
Crescent Ambulance service hauls down,
So glad that Erica Carey, Morgan Wilson, Kennedy Kegin still smile.
young folks opt to work for free,
that's how newspress report their invaluable grade,
keep it up, we say to
Cody Congdow, Kristi Lovett, Jonathon Jones, Sarah Valliquette, and Faith Renner.


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Whirligig 39

Thursday, December 17, 2015

ABC wednesday, Warwick, Wind mill and Short Story slam week 35

Introduction W.

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short story slam week 35, Dece 17 to Janu 10, 2016 

love comes from no where
love makes one feel the air
and love conquers fear

when doubt sweeps us else where
it is LOVE that keeps us near
and we always love others to survive 

Warwick hotel represents love to someone dear,
yet the relation adds salt, vinegar, and soy sauce
to us as we remain calm, and feel the storm weather
love tickles 
love encourages
love yells for a merry affair

Monday, December 14, 2015

Ruby Tuesday, Blue Monday,

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Mary of the Cemetery

Mary Fallin from Egyptian Wells,
she pops up at Oakland,
and her wit appears joyful.
when Smiling Sally talks about Mary Cloches,
She refers to Jingle Bells, and Santa Clause,
and we relate the idea to Pere Noel, and Kendall Murphy.
let's go shopping at Dick's,
let's look at glasses from visionworks,
let's include business such as Best Buy, Walgreen, and Biglots.
it is holiday season,
we sing along with Barney and Friends,
and we pay respect to Academy, JcPenney, Parade, Redplum.
recall a movie called Hua Wei Mei, and Hong Deng Ji,
we have fun with Walmart, Macy's, Dillard, and Willard,
and we take a look at Target, Kohl's, Freshen's, Shell, and Sinclair.



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Blue Monday - Christmas Cloches 

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 Image result for colored ribbons

some Christmas blue...
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Image result for colored ribbons

like coloured ribbons...

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Six Word Saturday

Dick Tracy and Tina Hilbert Compete