Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Green Revolution by Ben Love

Auburn, Asbury, Palm beach,
Burns Flat, Adams Squared,
University of Chicago international house,
First Christian Church.
It's hard to create the universe,
It's harder to maintain the universe,
It's hardest to improve the universe,
Green Revolution implies faith, prayers, and respect of the inverse.

Functions f(x) and g(x) are inverses of one another if:
f(g(x)) = x   and   g(f(x)) = x,
for all values of x in their respective domains.

When we write
(x + 3)4,
then x + 3 is the argument of the function
f(x) = x4.
f is that function which takes the 4th power of its argument.
Its inverse, g(x), will take the 4th root.
g(x) = x¼.

The function  I(x) = x  is called the identity function.  It always returns x.
As a notation for the inverse of a function f, we sometimes see  f −1  ("f inverse").  "−1" is not an exponent.  That notation is used because in the language of composition of functions, we can write:
f o f −1 = I
This is similar in form to the multiplication of numbers,  a· a−1 = 1.

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