Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Awards from Academic Excellence 2015 by David Boren

every year in May,
there is a banquet honoring 100 or more outstanding state educators
and promising high school seniors across the state of Oklahoma..
they either dance at Tulsa crown plaza hotel or reside at Oklahoma city cox communication center.
Education is the key,
David Boren, Lauren Green, Ken Hansen, Jerry Neil Smith, Linda Neal, Patti Young,
Julia Cohen, Brad Henry, Mary Fallin, Tom Lee, and Charles Oppenheim lead the way.
OU Medical school is profound,
OSU Robert Kerr Food and science is excellent,
with John Clinton, Kendric Fergeson, Jason Edward Grife, Eric Garcia, Amy Storm, and Tanya Shaw
give out musical or academic scholarships,
Venessa Drummond, Tammy Moeller, Dow Hughes, Frank Wang,  Molly Boren, and Emily Stratton honor Moore fisher elementary school,
and with Cao Nguyen Inc. hands a medal to Ian Jett, Mary Melton, Sarah DeYoung,
Terry Davidson, and Sheng Wu. 
the audience falls silent and goes superb.
5 years has past,
the remarks still echo to us and last.
focus on oneself without taboos,
let Kim Henry, Al Gore, Dave Bing, Rod Blagojevich, Bruce Rauner, Barack Obama, Bill Raun,
John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Jeff Bush, Larry Page, and Patric Meziere make random choice.
from Northwestern University, to University of Southern California,
From Vanderbilt University to  Brown Universality,
from University of Washington at Seattle to Standford, Princeton, Yale, Harvard...
Silicon valley teaches all lessons for all to understand Mountain Views.