Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Brothers do embrace one another

Sheng is a goodkid,
Too kind to say No to his friends,
Too brave to be forgotten.
sheng does not have to do anything to win approval,
Simply work on programming,
Simply think about a way to solve pollution under sea.
Sheng does not have to think of sex,
Sheng does not have to give people money,
Sheng does not have to choose anything.
Just listen to ipad music,
Just watch movies, sing a cello tune,
no agreements shall block sheng from being a free fish.
The same applies to Tom, Jack, Richard, Seth, and Tyrek.

Chicago Bulls 23 (world peace bunsiness act number 4)

Mary Fallin, Sarah Palin, and Gina Noble everywhere,
So do Tao-N-Cha cafe and Icon Cafe bar-n-sushi there,
Shop at Lowe's for lawn-mower is fair.
Chicago bulls 23,
Winnie-the-Pooh Delaware,
Princeton Review dares.
Urban Wanda Square,
KFC chicken wings take over
and McDonald boss supports Holli-ster.
Left and right,
Coltrane Cafe provides apple pies,
Tom Lee assists Tuzos Mwarumba and Kobe Bryant.
Without Michael Jordan and Phil Jackson,
Without Chicago bulls six wins,
Without tough knowledge and high level of military  training,
Thee will be no peace at Silicon Valley and Mountain View sites.
promoting world peace is very vital,
promoting embrace and personal space is very essential,
if no peace,
then no grace and no tolerance.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

grape theory

soft and bittersweet,
grapes grow on vines, purple or green,
a bunch for nutri-crunch.
better than acorns,
juicy meat provides paradise feel,
grapes are our queen.
more gentle than marbles,
less persistent than pineapples,
grapes produce brain power.