Monday, March 30, 2015

Oklahoma School of Science and Math (OSSM)

first an interview,
then a visit to campus for further information known.
emails, lots of them,
mails, many sent by Suzanne.
Sue Dick is brave on bakery sale,
Frank Wang is funny wearing suit of cocktail.
Alan Moore, a tall guy for t-shirts ordering,
Rebecca Liu, a mindful lady for students consuling.
Tammy Pickens speaks of women's life,
Chris Shrock and Xifan Law are tough on school policy and update.
Diana, Tianna, Albert, Richard, Tuzo, Sibma, Matilda, Roger,
Nathan, Tom, Tommy, Sarah, Christian, Jilian, Sabrina, and Olive.
One by one, students come and go,
year by year, faculty program themselves and hold wonderful ego.
Ossm Rooster,
Sophia Shedrick semester.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Battles Lost

rumors are shadows with furs
that go stuck at large,
and bring out music without truth,
and they stop
upon bumping into a wall.
battles lost,
hope sows seeds in spring soil.