Wednesday, February 18, 2015

To Marla Who Offers Me Cinfidence in Singing

"You sing like crying."
That's what Tarar said to me
when I was eight,
"Someone refuses to sing!"
That's what Jiayeng announced
when I was ten,
"Your voice sounds like famous singer Mucun Guan."
That's what Marla told me
when I was twenty-three.
I beg your pardon
for being so controversy,
I regret I have spent
two decades self-wrath my voice.
sorry that I always have running nose,
and I always have broken dreams,
It's not my fault
I have contemplated a palace
where I can sing poetry in Silence.
I appreciate Marla
as well as Tarar, Jiayeng, or Tony Julia,
I value my freedom under Obama
that I can speak without lowering my volume,
without losing my integrity in Asia.