Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Bunny and The lady Dignity Are Elizabeth's Dream Moon!


Stars hide behind clouds tonight,
The pool of invisible daydreams glitter
under the loose girdle of July rain,
Britterish memories,
Brown and soft skins,
Wonders hang like black long hair,
The bunny and his mommy have hidden
their faces from the moon they reside,
To escape violent claims,
Someone on earth has abused the Moon's grace,
confusing her greed with decent beauty,
It's no wonder many others disgree
and create new character to feature the eclipses,
In China, a famous artist shoots television series
to honor the moon as a grandpa
who is as wise as Kongfuzi,
whatever humans believe from their braised views,
It's simply incredible for the dream girl,
named Elizabeth to make believe, and fine tune
her limitless imaginations to share with her friends,
Liz loves the idea of A White Bunny
and the Lady Dignity on the Moon face,
The society has been changing
for better or for worse,
Justice rules under the Divine Power,
Evil acts halt under the Sunshine,
Thus, whenever Elizabeth observes the earth,
She would smile at the Moon,
and admire her pure grace....
It's a mother's love, and a bunny's wish.