Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Dan Jones, Nu Alumni Association President

Board of Directors

In accordance with the NAA Bylaws, The offices of the Board of Directors shall be the President, President-Elect, Immediate Past President, Vice Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer, Directors-at-Large and Regional Directors.

Officers and Directors shall be elected by a majority vote of the members of the Association present at the Annual Meeting of the Northwestern Alumni Association to be held on Thursday, September 18, 2014. Terms for all offices shall commence upon election at the Annual Meeting and shall conclude at a future Annual Meeting based upon the term durations specified in Article 3 of the NAA Bylaws.

View: 2014-2015 Northwestern Alumni Association Board of Directors Slate for Vote

Current 2013-2014 NAA Board of Directors


Dan Jones '60, '91 P

Kathryn Mlsna ’74, ’77JD, ’03 P, ’12 P

Vice President
Kerry Gray '89
Scot Marcotte '90
Quan Gerville-Reache '98

Samir Mayekar ’06, ’13 MBA

Greg Schoofs ’91, ’15 P

Immediate Past President
Charles L. Katzenmeyer ’85, ’89 MBA

Directors at Large

Gita Budd ’76, ’78 MBA
Tom Bull ’04 MS
Jim Coffing ’89 MEM
Patrick Daugherty '78
Candy Kaelin Deemer ’76, ’77 MS
Qamara Edwards '02
Roger Fong ’91 MBA
Cliff Garstang ’75
Darius Green ’96
Michele Klinowski ’95
Jane Lee ’05, ’12 MBA
Michelle Madigan ’02, ’03 MS
Jeff McCulloch ’98
Erik Ojala ’97
Julie Phelan ’97

Student Directors

Bridget Illing '14
Jordan Woll '14

Regional Directors

Region 1: Brian Miller '00
Region 2: Eve Anderson '01
Region 3: Necole Merritt '88
Region 4: Susan Osterberg ’66, ’05 P, '09 P
Region 5: Megan Felsburg Doud '02, Hina Jaffery-Aslam ’96, ’01 MEM
Region 6: David Cohen '99, Philip Donaldson ’83, ’88 MBA, ’15 P
Region 7: Joanne Gomez '88
Region 8: Emily Hseu Ulrich '04
Region 9: Ronald Holsey '03
Region 10: Marc McClellan '81
Region 11: William Horin ’76, ’77 MS, ’15 P
Region 12: Chrissi Jackson '90
Region 13: Marisa Woods '03

National Club/Constituent Organization Leaders

President, Alumnae Northwestern
Diane (Dee) Hanlon ’64, ’97 P

Chair, Alumni Regents
Charles F. Sansone “Chuck” ’62, ’96 P

Chair, Council of 100
Tina-Marie Adams ’92 MS

President, LANU
Isabel Villegas '98

President, N Club
Patrick Thompson ’00, ’06 MBA

President, NU-A5
Stephanie Song '10

President, NUBAA
Jeffery Sterling '85

President, NU Club of Chicago
Justin Conner '05

President, NUGALA
Gary Riley '96

President, NUMBALUMS
Elizabeth Driskell ’93, ’95 MM

President, NUMA
Zaki Anarwala '99

Chair, A Day With Northwestern Board
Larry LaTourette ’92, ’92 MA

Graduate and Professional School Representatives

Dental School
Adrian Codel, '01 DDS

Law School

Cynthia I. Brody ’81 JD

School of Continuing Studies

Joann Ball ’95 MA
Herbert Rivero '08

Alumni Admissions Council
Elizabeth Partoyan '93

Feinberg School of Medicine
Carla Hightower ’85, ’87 MD, ’91 GME, ’02 MMGT

Senior Co-chair: Voting NAA Member - USAC Representative
Nancy A. Abshire, '61


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Word Bell That Rings


Pacifica St. Beach,
Pacifica, California,
Morning surfers,
Rolling waves:
white foams,
blades of green,
push, one after another,
profoundly sound,
people walk dogs,
doing fetch and catch games,
warm sunshine,
Believe it or not,
Ride the ducks,
lots of cars,
brave swimmers,
smooth rocks,
many footprints,
advanced camera,
swallow so many images,
including rocks
piled like
a tower,
and oldman
as if
the sky