Thursday, May 29, 2014

No Paradise Is Lost!


Your pen has painted an arbitrary land
where the meaning of beauty is unknown,
Blank stares, spinning cartwheels,
Bits of stones, morning dew on tree leaves.
Bare arms stretch, floating bodies,
The foggy noon blocks your way in woods,
you jump into the lake,
drink lots of water under the current.
Your hands are numb
under the burning of metamorphosis,
Maddened colors diffuse the moist of desires,
Slaves of love,
Slaves of freedom.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Virginia (=Fujimiya or Sherjimiya)

While Columbia movies are famous,
Virginia is well known for its representation
of word Virgin, in addition tom that, the state
of Virginia is an inviting place to be,
Virginia beach, Virginia forest reserves,
University of Virginia, Virginia birds,
plus city Richmond's sharp version in promoting
poetry, poetry reading and communication,
Please visit Virginia today.