Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Northwestern University and Urope: The Humming Bird on A Willow Branch

Atlanta     ||    Avi
                                                           Bamako                 Bryan Ward-Perkins
                                                         Columbia                   Charles simonyi
                                                       Dublin                           Dan Sheffield
                                                     England                             Erwin Panofsky
                                                    Francis Pope II                     Fayetteville
                                                  Great Wall of China                 Gerry Lantance
                                                 Hartfort                                      Heinrich Von Staden
                                                Iran                                               Isherwood Christopher
                                               Jiahong Wu                                      Jorge Buschy
                                             Kiona Cravatt                                     Karah Thompson
                                           Lincoln City                                            Luisa Fernhdz
                                         Matt Johnston                                            Morton White
                                          Northwestern University                          Noel Lenski
                                           Oklahoma City                                       Olympia
                                             Providence (Brown University)           Philadelphia Penn Museum
                                               Qu Yuan                                          Quan (Dogs/Puppies)
                                                 Richmond                                     Robbert Dijkgraaf
                                                  Silicon Valley                              Sophia Bollag
                                                   Tulsa (Taolsha)                         Tyler Drabek
                                                     UPS store                              Urope (Europe)
                                                       Vienna                                Viola Billy Manson
                                                          Willie the Wildcat           Wuxi
                                                             Xu Zhou                    Xin Wan 
                                                               Yufan Chun           Yonglin Jiang
                                                                 Zell Miller   ||    Zhanggang Town
 additional names:

McCormick School of Engineering, Norris Technology Center, The Daily Northwestern, Shepard Hall Residential College Board, Nu Deering Library, Henry and Leigh Bienen School of Music, Frank Almond, Karen Basrak, Elizabeth Cifani, Robert Hanford, Hans Jørgen Jensen, Blair Milton, Charles Pikler, Andrew Raciti, Gerardo Ribeiro, Almita Vamos, Roland Vamos, Anne Waller, Lee Hyla, Christopher Alan Mercer, Hans Thomalla, Jay Alan Yim, Stephen Alltop, Emily Ellsworth, Daniel Farris, Robert Hasty, Donald Nally, Timothy Robblee, Mallory Thompson, Victor Yampolsky, Frank Almond, Larry Olsen, Karen Basrak, Elizabeth Cifani, Shean Tomblin,  Toni-Marie Montgomery, Masha Robinson…


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Little Rock On Chelsea and Hillary

I grow closer to Arkansas's capital city Little Rock
When I think of  Chelsea, Hillary, and Bill Clinton.
A few trips to Little Rock and its attractions,
I fancy little rocky mountains, waterfalls,  and national parks.

World famous and historical city of Little Rock,
We know that Donald Reynolds Science Center is an awesome discovery,
William Clinton museum and Little Rock Zoo are cool to unlock,
Don't forget stopping by Fort Smith waterfall, caves, and lake fort smith park.

We appreciate Chelsea Clinton and Hillary Clinton's contribution in education,
Mom, Dad, and Child, a family of three,
They indeed make history
and entertain Washington via well fought victory.

Little Rock is Clinton family's milestone,
Both ups and downs constitute a powerful song,
So, play golf, restrict development of Nuclear weapons,
Praise Clintons, Obamas, Bushes, Kennedy, Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Lincoln,
Nixon, Adams, Madison, Jackson, ...and wish everyone good luck.