Monday, April 16, 2012

Cuba=Cuckooclock+Coocuburra+Obama+baba (Fathers)

Jingle heard Cuba when she's young,
It's known for the best Tennis team at Olympics,
Cuba has no plants or animals
that are lethal to humans
(this includes poisonous snakes!)
The mountain ranges
include Sierra Maestra to the East,
Cordillera de los Organos to the West,
and the Sierra del Escambray in the central region.

Image Credit: on Cuba....

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Crossroads Nursery School at Princeton: The Motherly Cradle

 Cross Roads Nursery School front entrance..

During 1996-1997, the Wu family
stayed at Princeton, with Jiahong
doing research at Institute for
Advanced Studies, Sheng attended
Crossroads Nursery School (three
months old to five years old)
located inside the institute domain,
Rabbits hop around at dusk, The woods
and pond nearby are perfect to walk around
and the welcome party.

Sheng and his classmates, He is wearing a lion custom...on front, left side...holding hands with a girl..

 Tom, Pecan Grove, 5200 North Larmar Street, the entrance of our housing..

 Stillwater, Oklahoma, with the wife of Gong xianghong, who got his Ph. D from U of C,
worked at OSU, moved to Wisconsin..

Austin, Texas, Sheng runs in front of the State Capital

Sheng, Germany...

 Sheng and Tom, Corp Christi...Texas

Tom and Mom Ji, Houston, Texas, 

Sheng and Ji, Houston Children's Museum

 UT, Austin, Sheng wearing an Austin Zoo T-shirt

Sheng, he climbed mountains with Dad after Tom was born, staying home with Mom..

Sheng, and Jiahong, Blowing Bubbles at Princeton Home

 Sheng, standing AT iNSTITUTE FOR aDVANCED sTUDIES PROperty..

Sheng, 4 years old, at Princeton Train Station, next to Princeton University

Sheng and a friend at his New York City Home, 1997, his Dad and Mom both
from Beijing University and classmates to Jiahong, Dad worked at
Beijing Wuzi University after graduation before Coming to America...

Image Credit:, on Cross Roads Nursery School, Princeton, New Jersey...