Monday, March 26, 2012

Indonesia = Indiana State + Doug + Nevada State + Cynthia

Close to Malaysia, Indonesia is a place
for diversities and adventures,
The country has fourth largest populations,
while China has the largest one,
Earthquakes hit Indonesia and make people
suffer, but with faith, persistence,
and support from America, or other countries,
Indonesia can advance its technology,
leadership capacity, and natural disasters
forecasts and prevention better!

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

ShawnDough University: An Elegant Phrase To Be With!

Jingle had a college classmate from QinDao
while studying in Beijing, in addition,
one of her middle school classmates
attended ShawnDough University, thus,
ShawnDough province and
QinDao city had been a flickering wish
in mind over the years, it is also an elegant
phrase, ShawnDough University has majors
and intelligence that appear
comprehensive, and enchanting...

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ShengTom Federle (Santa Fe): A Marvel for Winter Adventure

ShengTom Federle (Santa Fe)
is an interesting place to be,
especially when the time is winter,
and snow is all over the place,
families, friends, travelers,
they drive through icy roads for
adventurous experiences at ski area,
Justin, Tom, and Sheng had been on
their skiing trip there in 2010,
they had lots of fun.
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TianJin (TomJingle) Industrial University: The Gem In Spinning and Weaving Magical Dreams!

A high school classmate attending TianJin
(TomJingle) Industrial University invited
Jingle and two other Friends over, what an
experience! Tianjin is second to Beijing,
Seafood is famously fresh
because it is close to sea,
TianJin Industrial University origins
from spinning and weaving industry,
world famous models and fashion designers
are from there...Visit Tianjin Today!!!

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Walt Disney World: A Dreamland To Make Oklahoma Grand!

Walt Disney World appears a dreamland to many,
Who would frown if we add one in Oklahoma,
The space near intersection of highway 35 and
sixth street sits, waiting for wise hands to
touch and bring in life...
Visitors, employees, artists,
and other business will chime in
and make the place rich, beautiful, and grand.

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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Beking University: The Best University in P. R. China

Beijing University West Entrance

Peking University is number one in China,
Students are active in political issues there,
which differentiates it from Qinghua University,
I visited the campus many times,
Justin and I loved walking along the nameless lake,
or visiting The Summer Palace nearby,
They have five cafeterias,
Loved the foods there...
Visited in 2007 again, had fun!

Nameless Lake

Lotus Pond at Beijing University

Beijing university students at June 4, events, 1989